Want to help improve your employees’ health and productivity? Want to lower your company’s payroll taxes and medical insurance costs?

Approximately 50% of the U.S. population requires glasses or contact lenses. So it’s no surprise that vision coverage is increasingly becoming one of the most requested voluntary benefits by employees.

Proper vision care plays a significant role in overall health. A routine eye exam can identify signs of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and hypertension. Early detection of these diseases saves on overall medical care and expenses.

No cost to employers

PEP Vision offers vision plans that enhance an employer’s benefits package at no cost to the employer. Our vision plans can save employees up to 70% on their vision care costs and can even lower employer payroll taxes and medical insurance costs.


PEP Vision offers vision plans that are simple to understand and administer. Members receive an annual eye exam and a material allowance to spend at their discretion on glasses and/or contact lenses. Members never have to file a claim when they use their benefits with an in-network provider.

Unmatched provider network

PEP Vision has a strong and diverse provider network. With access to private practices and national retail chains, your employees have the ability to choose the provider that is right for them.

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